915nm(light weight/SP)
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220W 915nm 200um Uncooled Multimode Laser Diode Module

220W 915nm 200um Uncooled Multimode Laser Diode Module

Diode Laser915nm(light weight/SP)

SkyEra delivers TY-TD-915+/-10NM-220.0W-25C-1064-0.22NA diode lasers employing professional coupling technology, that enjoy multiple advantages, e.g., compact design, stable output power, high power, high efficiency and convenient packaging. These laser diode modules can provide solutions for fiber laser applications and direct suppliers. The performance and aging tests have been performed upon the production line to guarantee reliable, stable and long lifetime of products. To provide customers with high-quality, high-cost performance products is the company’s goal.

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Key Parameters:
Based on single fire spot laser module
High output power220W
High stability
0.22NA 200μm core multimode fiber
Parallel weld 2-Pin sealed package
Standard central wavelength 915nm
RoHS compliance
Lightweight design 185g
pump source
Material processing