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2014 Contents
June SkyEra 20-30W fiber coupled output multi-single emitter diode lasers have passed the test of CEPREI.
2013 Contents
October SkyEra completed the Quality System Certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001, and passed the inspection and acceptance of SGS once only.
July The prototypes have been tested and validated by third part regarding performance and reliability. SkyEra website was launched.
June SkyEra successfully manufactured 20W Fiber Laser.
May SkyEra accomplished the commissioning for a part of imported equipment; verified the reliability of COS; spent all the investment for Q-Switched fiber laser.
April SkyEra accomplished the commissioning for a part of domestic equipment, and achieved the manufacture and sale of 10W 915nm diode laser.
2012年 Contents
December SkyEra completed the structure of products and corresponding drawings of clamping equipment, and established “joint Lab of high power fiber and semiconductor laser” with Suzhou institute of nano-tech and nano-bionics (SINANO).
October SkyEra moved into new factory.
September SkyEra Laser Technologies Inc. was founded in China, to server home and abroad market and to provide solutions for fiber laser application and direct suppliers.