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SkyEra launched New TD22 series 9XXnm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

SkyEra recently launched the TD22 series 9XXnm  of high-brightness and high-power semiconductor lasers. Built on the multi-single emitters beam polarization technology, the module series has high-beam quality laser output, stable performance, good heat dissipation characteristics, etc., and can be applied in fiber laser pumping, scientific research, etc.  

The module adopts a 200um optimal fiber to produce a laser output power of 350W. The high-performance beam polarization technology is adopted in the module to produce over 95% power focus on NA0.17. Also, there are transmissions in the optical fiber with a numerical aperture of 0.22 that can effectively improve light conversion efficiency when customers use it, effectively reduce the power of cladding fiber that may be disclosed at the fiber spliced point, reduce splicing temperature and improve the splice quality of splicing point. Besides, the module is equipped with a 1064nm waveband laser isolation mechanism that is especially suitable for the application of pumping sources, such as fiber laser, fiber amplifier, etc., to avoid possible damage like a reversely-transmitted laser in the system to laser module and to improve the safety and stability of the whole system. The module’s power has a good linear growth that will facilitate adjustment and control during customer application. 

With high power, high energy, and high stability, the product is especially suitable for fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, and direct semiconductor laser pump sources; on the other hand, the product is widely applied in material processing, laser medicine,laser radar, sensor, scientific research, etc..

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